ADBP 40th Year Anniversary

This year the Anthony D Bates Partnership (ADBP) reached a significant milestone of 40 years continuous provision of dredging advice and support to diverse clients worldwide. It is believed that this makes it the longest established independent specialist dredging consultancy in the UK and perhaps the world. The business was originally created by Anthony Bates following a career that began in heavy industry followed by work in river authorities, medium size civil engineering contractors and finally international dredging contractors.

Anthony’s interest in dredging began with appointment to act as Resident Engineer for Cornwall River Authority on a project in Devon involving tidal dredging, land reclamation and various flood alleviation works. However, for fiscal reasons the Authority decided not to award a contract, but to carry out the work using direct labour. The Chief Engineer emerged from a Board meeting, entered Anthony’s office and said, “You are to buy a dredger and carry out the project using our own resources”. This was no mean challenge, not only did the Authority have no experience of dredging, but neither had the labour force previously carried out any substantial civil engineering work. Despite the challenges the project was completed successfully and within budget and a career in dredging began almost 50 years ago.

Moving into consultancy in 1976 Anthony initially worked alone securing commissions with UK and Irish ports, most of which remain clients today and overseas, particularly in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Working alone, although successful, was not ideal and expansion became desirable. The first new Partner, Martin Maloney, a qualified and highly experienced hydrographic surveyor, joined and added valuable new skills in an area that is an essential element of all dredging work. Subsequently additional partners and associates have joined bringing specialist knowledge of beneficial use, land reclamation, outfall construction and many other aspects of dredging related work. As a consequence, the combined partners, full time and part time associates, now offer almost 200 years of high level experience in a wide range of dredging fields providing advice and support to over 100 clients spread across the UK, Ireland and every region of the world, from Angola to Alaska and Vietnam to Venezula . These facts caused one leading UK engineering consultant recently to state that for dredging advice the partnership is “The only place to go”.

The partnership plans continued modest expansion to provide fully independent professional support in the field of dredging wherever it is required.

A selection of pictures from projects throughout the years from around the world are included below: