ADBP acquire Dumping at Sea Permit for Dumore East Harbour

L&M Keating Ltd was awarded the dredging contract for the remedial maintenance dredging in Dunmore East Harbour in South East Ireland. The site had historical high levels of TBT and heavy metals, resulting in the majority being dredged, stabilised and sent to landfill. L&M Keating, in association with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine, engaged ADBP to acquire, if possible, a dumping at sea permit for any material that may be uncontaminated. Previously all material had been deemed unsuitable for disposal at sea. The permit was required within a defined period of time to be contractually beneficial.

ADBP studied the existing information and deemed that the testing undertaken was insufficient, having no information on some parameters and inadequate limits of detection for acquiring definitive comparable results to the required standards. Expedited consultation agreed a new suite of sampling, which was undertaken immediately, to determine the vertical and horizontal variance of contamination across the site. Accelerated testing was arranged with a suitably certified laboratory. After a review of the results further consultation deemed a significant portion of the site was compliant with the required standards and a formal application was merited.

ADBP drafted and managed the entire application process for the client, resulting in a favourable expeditious decision from the regulator. The permit acquired will result in a substantial saving in the volume of material sent to landfill and also significant cost savings. The dredging and disposal operations are due to commence in October.