ADBP welcomes another Team Member

Anthony D Bates Partnership (ADBP), a market leading engineering consultancy specialising in dredging and its associated fields, are pleased to welcome John Gunn to their team.

John has wide and varied knowledge and experience of dredging and reclamation, having worked on many projects throughout the world, with both Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company and Van Oord. On completion of a Hydrographic Survey degree he went on to gain extensive experience working in various roles within dredge engineering and reclamation activities before progressing to designing, planning and managing major projects. The projects varied widely in their requirements and he gained in-depth knowledge of the equipment used to facilitate these projects in many areas including North Africa and the Middle and Far East.

In recent years John has focussed more on reclamation standards and has gained great experience and expertise in the implementation of necessary methodologies and corresponding requirements, including soil improvement works, pre-fabricated vertical drains, surcharge, vibro-compaction and dynamic compaction.

John will provide support to ADBP’s local and international projects. Further information on ADBP can be found at

John Gunn