Current ADBP Projects

Anthony D Bates Partnership (ADBP) has continued to maintain a high workload during 2017 with ongoing projects and numerous appointments. The following paragraphs detail the scope of services being provided for selected projects. In some cases only limited details can be advertised. In other cases confidentiality agreements are in place and no publication of the services provided is possible.

For more information please email [email protected].

Port of Workington - UK

ADBP drafted an appropriate 3 year maintenance dredging framework contract based on ICC Conditions of Contract to ensure that the Port can readily call off dredging services as required. Management of the framework and supervision of the works will be provided throughout the duration of the agreement. The first call off under this Framework is expected soon.
Image result for contender dredger abeko
The TSHD Contender undertaking emergency dredging works in Workington in 2015.

Port of Waterford – Republic of Ireland

ADBP are assisting the Port of Waterford in undertaking a detailed study of the marine environment to facilitate the development of long term management strategies with regard to the ports navigational waters and marine facilities.
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Peel Ports Group - UK

ADBP have undertaken a detailed review of historical and most recent data to identify optimum dredging strategy in the short, medium and long term for the Port of Liverpool.
Image result for liverpool port dredging iguazu
Van Oord's Water injection dredger the Iguazu operating in the Port of Liverpool

Support to Energy project - Canada

ADBP are supporting a large international energy company with the development of a new energy development in the North American continent. The works involve significant ground investigation, channel and dredge design, contract drafting and other supporting activities. This project is ongoing.

Dublin Port – Republic of Ireland

ADBP are assisting the capital development project management team of the Port of Dublin in ensuring the dredging contracts are fit for purpose and that the best possible value for the Port is attained with respect to the site and license conditions.
The approach channel to Dublin Port is to be deepened over several winter seasons

Port of Harwich - UK

ADBP have undertaken a review of the maintenance dredging framework documentation. Amendments were proposed where appropriate and advised on the optimum method of remuneration was provided.

Approach Channel Deepening – West Africa

A substantial study is in progress to assess the effects of a range of potential improvements to the navigation system within the lower reaches of a major African river. The study will incorporate collection of a range of new field data. New and existing data will be used to predict the effects of various different depths, dimensions and alignments of the navigation channel and the impact on future maintenance requirements.

Teignmouth Harbour Dredging - UK

ADBP assisted in the provision of dredge channel design, contract drafting and management of final account to assist the harbour in their first two campaigns by a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger in 2016 and 2017.

Image result for Teignmouth Harbour Dredging
The Modi R of Rohde Nielsen undertook maintenance dredging in Teignmouth in 2016

Dover Harbour Board Port Development - UK

ADBP are assisting the Dover Port’s Capital Development Project Management team in all aspects associated with the dredging works of the port expansion, including commercial matters, H&S auditing, land reclamation specification, licensing and reviewing the dredging practices being undertaken.

Image result for dover port barent zanen
The Barent Zanen is currently undertaking land reclamation activities in the Port

Offshore Energy – UK West Coast
ADBP have been assisting both the Port operators and an offshore energy provider to improve low tide access, in and out of the port for the service craft, between routine maintenance dredging campaigns. A trial using water injection dredging methods has been carried out and the results are being monitored to assess the effectiveness of this method of intervention. This study is ongoing.

Support to Designers and Government for Harbour Works – Wales - UK

ADBP are providing expert dredging input with regard to the re-development of disused quays in a major south wales dock. The works involve the assessment of historical structures, ground investigations, licencing, dredging budget planning, channel design and general liaison with other construction activities to formulate the overall work scope and project scheduling. These works are ongoing

Replacement Quay Development – West Africa

ADBP have been providing early design expert dredging advice with regard to a proposed redevelopment of an existing quay structure in West Africa. The project will involve the deepening of the existing berths and the construction of a new quay structure in front of the existing structure. This work is ongoing

Energy Supplier – Wales - UK

ADBP continued their annual review of all hydrographic monitoring data for a gas fired Power Stations intake and outfall channels to identify any areas of concern (operationally and environmentally), the rate of siltation and the potential for any future dredging requirements and optimum methodology.

UCL Lecturing – London - UK

ADBP have been invited to provide dredging specific lectures as part of a marine engineering based post graduate course at the university. The education of students in the UK with regard to dredging is a theme that ADBP are very keen to promote as there is a distinct deficiency in most educational courses on this very important engineering discipline.