Maintenance dredging in Swansea Marina 2017

It’s a big lift as Van Oord’s Water Injection Dredger ‘Odin’ is craned into Swansea Marina ready to start work with the dredging of the area upstream of the Tawe Barrage. Progressive natural sedimentation upstream of the River Tawe Barrage in Swansea results in a gradual loss of depth for the Marina located in the sheltered waters above the barrage. Removal of the material is required every couple of years to restore safe navigation in the river. Dredging is carried out in the winter months when impacts on the local environment and boat users are minimised. The dredging works are expected to last for about 2 weeks and is being carried out over the ebb tide period only so as to maximise the natural flow of fluidised material out to sea. The volume of sediment to be removed this year is approximately 12,000m³.The works are carried out under a Marine Licence issued by National Resources Wales.

All aspects of the work, including planning, licensing, surveys, contract documentation and on-site supervision are being carried out by the Anthony D Bates Partnership (ADBP) LLP on behalf of City and County of Swansea.