Rohde Nielsen Awarded Warrenpoint Maintenance Dredging Contract

After a successful tendering procedure managed by Anthony D Bates Partnership, which involved bids from seven international dredging contractors, Rohde Nielsen A/S have been awarded the maintenance dredging contract for Warrenpoint Harbour in Northern Ireland. The contract includes the dredging of the approach channel and all inner harbour areas, with an anticipated dredged volume of approximately 350,000m³.

Maintenance dredging of all areas of the Port was last carried out in 2005. Dredging was by trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) aided by a bed-leveller and there has been no extensive maintenance dredging since this time. All dredged natural material is being disposed of in an offshore disposal area, situated approximately 14 nautical miles from the Harbour. The works are expected to take four to five weeks to complete.

Rohde Nielsen plan to bring a 2,500m³ TSHD in conjunction with one of their new 6,000m³ TSHD to undertake the work. Both the Baldur R and Njord R are sister ships and were christened on the 28th of October. They are among the largest split hopper suction dredgers ever built.