Feasibility Studies

The partnership undertakes feasibility studies for any project where the main requirement is dredging or dredging related. These include:

  • Beach recharge and offshore shoal formation.
  • Canal restoration.
  • Contract dredging versus Direct Labour.
  • Creation of lakes.
  • Creation of marinas.
  • Deepening of berths and docks.
  • Deepening, or widening of navigation channels.
  • Improvements to recreational fishing waters.
  • Land reclamation and artificial islands.
  • Maintenance of ports, harbours and marinas.
  • Marine aggregate dredging and marine mining.
  • Removal and relocation of contaminated sediments.
  • Restoration of reservoirs, lakes and ponds.Trenching for sub-sea pipelines and long sea outfalls.
  • Beneficial use studies
  • Management of contaminated sediment

Feasibility StudiesIn the preparation of a feasibility report, we first establish the Client objectives, assess local site conditions and determine whether or not additional information is required, such as bathymetric survey, ground investigation, or modelling. When all information is available we select the optimum methods for project progression, estimate the time scale for execution, calculate a budget cost, assess the environmental impact and submit a draft report to the client.

Following finalisation of the Clients requirements, we consult with regulators and third parties to determine any special restrictions, or requirements, that may be attached to licenses and consents, or required to minimise the risk of impact on third parties. A final report is then submitted.

If the outcome of the feasibility study is favourable, we can prepare, award and supervise contracts for site investigations and surveys, prepare contracts for the project execution and supervise the works.Many feasibility studies have been completed, ranging from lake and marina clearance to the deepening, or widening of major shipping channels and ports. In many cases we have progressed the project to final completion within programme and budget.