Land Reclamation

Land Reclamation ProjectsLand Reclamation projects have become a increasingly common in recent years due to the expansion of port and harbour facilities. Project sizes can vary between the local extension of berths and quays to the creation of offshore islands. While some reclamation projects are stand alone projects, land is more commonly a combination of 'cut and fill', cut to produce increased depth and fill to reclaim land. Occasionally land reclamation may be a beneficial by-product of maintenance dredging, as has been the case at the Port of Belfast in Northern Ireland, where much of the areas now developed as port land and the City Airport were reclaimed from the head waters of Belfast Lough over many years by pumping ashore materials arising from maintenance dredging.

Whatever the project size or type the Anthony D Bates Partnership has the experience and skills to ensure that the proposed land reclamation project can move from inception to completion successfully covering areas such as:

Land Reclamation has become increasing popular in recent years
  • Feasibility Study
  • Ground Investigation
  • Aggregate Sourcing
  • Tender Preparation and Supervision
  • Pre/Post Surveying