Maintenance Dredging

Maintenance DredgingMaintenance dredging is required to maintain water depths in areas where sedimentation occurs. It only involves the removal of recent unconsolidated sediments, such as mud, sand and gravel. The Partnership has substantial experience designing and supervising maintenance dredging projects. While this work is predominantly in the United Kingdom various international projects have also being undertaken. The partnership can provide numerous services tailored to each clients specific requirements including:

Maintenance Dredging Projects

  • Budgeting/Tender pricing
  • Calculation of Siltation rates
  • Dredger selection
  • Identify optimum transport method
  • Calculation of estimated Production rates
  • Dredging and Disposal Licensing
  • Pre and post hydrographic surveying
  • Designing annual dredging programs
  • Prepare and supervise multi year dredging contracts
  • Prepare and supervise regional multi port maintenance contracts

The strength of our maintenance dredging services are highlighted by the quantity of repeat costumers that we assist, as well as, the supervision both multi year and multi port regional contracts. Our aim for each client is to ensure that their objectives are achieved within programme and on budget.