Site Supervision

Site Supervision ServicesAnthony D Bates Partnership can provide experienced supervision of any surveying, dredging or pipeline related works as the Client's authorized representative (on site). In this position we can both supervise and administer the works in terms of programme, cost and quality. While onsite we are able to provide regular reports to the Client regarding the progress, potential issues and the overall development of the project. In many cases onsite issues can de dealt with immediately, fairly and constructively, before they can have an impact on the works.

Having an onsite representative ensures that the works are being managed effectively, with informative decision making, thus allowing the Client to concentrate on his core activities. The onsite representative can also chair any meetings between the client and the contractor or any other third parties and deal with all public relations matters. It is our experience that a clients representative onsite greatly benefits the project.

Utilising Anthony D Bates Partnership's experienced personnel allows assurances that the project is being managed to attain optimal performance with minimal cost.

Features of our representatives:

  • Employed by and responsible to the Client;
  • Duties and responsibilities specified to meet the Clients requirement;
  • Full or part time representation available;
  • Regular reports on progress of works, expected costs, possible upcoming issues, etc;
  • Hourly rate or Lump Sum fee quotations;Large range of experienced personnel available.
Please refer to the examples of our site representation on the right hand side of this page.